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If you are visiting from out of town and have past CrossFit experience, you are more than welcome to join us for a workout. We ask that you contact us prior to showing up We charge $20 to drop-in or $25 and you get a free shirt!

Our CrossFit program is our core program and what will give you the results you are looking for if you commit yourself to it. Every class is 1 hour long. In this program, there are “prescribed” exercises, which are what an experience CrossFitter would do, as well as scaled suggestions for those who have less experience or strength. In addition, if you have specific injuries or mobility concerns we scale the segments for your personal needs so that you are able to get a safe and effective workout every time you come into CrossFit Mercenary: FAC.

The fundamentals program starts with a free intro class where you will get a gym tour, learn what CrossFit is, learn how our classes work, get some nutrition basics and learn about our membership options. After that, you will be enrolled in the fundamentals program, which consist of 3 different classes. Each class is focused on a different set of exercises and you don’t have to complete them in any specific order, you just need to attend all 3. You will learn how to properly execute all of the core exercises that we do in our daily workouts (WODs). You will get a taste of what a WOD is in a more beinnger-friendly intensity. After your 3 classes are complete, you will have all the knowledge and confidence you need to join our CrossFit Program.

Barbell class focuses on the type Olympic Lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Barbell alternates Saturdays with Competitors Training. It focuses on one Olympic lift per class, breaking it down into progressions. This class is helpful for beginners and experienced lifters alike. It will help improve your technique, so you are more efficient in your daily workouts.

Comp Training alternates Saturdays with Barbell. It is geared to the CrossFitter that wants to compete. The workouts are faster paced and at a higher intensity than our regular CrossFit classes, however, it is open to all members and anything is scalable.